“Heart Yoga: The Sacred Marriage of Yoga and Mysticism exquisitely merges the poetry of the Divine with the power of Yoga with inspired precision. Authors Andrew Harvey and Karuna Erickson have accomplished the rigorous blending of heaven and earth, guaranteed to inspire new and well seasoned students of yoga. This book is a magnificent accomplishment.

— Caroline Myss, Author of Entering the Castle and Anatomy of the Spirit

“Heart Yoga: The Sacred Marriage of Yoga and Mysticism is a potent offering with the depth of living wisdom, kindled knowledge and mystical insight that will ignite the inherent fire of yoga lovers everywhere. This potent offering is infused with the direct passionate experience and wisdom from two longtime love pilgrims and scholars who are calling for and igniting the inner fire of the heart of yoga with piercing insight and a living joy. I have made Andrew Harvey’s books a must-read in all our teacher trainings and this is another sacred classic.

— Shiva Rea, international yoga teacher

Yes! Andrew Harvey and Karuna Erickson have written an inspirational and passionate guide recognizing modern day yogis’ as mystics on the mat. They invite us to experience our mats as temples, our movements as embodied prayer, the world a divine alter, and our actions as the tools for change. Heart Yoga addresses how the awakening of the cosmic soul within the physical form inspires us to align our individual hearts with the universal call for action and service; the natural progression of yoga beyond the body. This is a magnificent and timely book affirming that the sacred practice of yoga is a journey of personal illumination, Universal recognition, Mystical unification and the inevitable understanding that it is love and action that can transform this planet from one of fear and separation into one united by love, truth and God.

— Seane Corn, Yoga Teacher, Global Yoga Ambassador for YouthAIDS, co-visionary for “Off the Mat, Into the World”

Reading Heart Yoga: The Sacred Marriage of Yoga and Mysticism was a delicious revelation. Harvey and Erickson have blended the powerful practicality of yoga poses with the transcendent power of heart-opening spirituality in ways that are both inspiring and practicable for everyday life. I recommend it heartily to all students of yoga and self-transformation, as well as to those who simply want to live more deeply, more richly and more happily.

— Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D, PT, yoga teacher since 1971 and author of A Year of Living Your Yoga.

As a longtime student, practitioner of yoga, I am filled with respect for Heart Yoga: The Sacred Marriage of Yoga and Mysticism. I particularly love this crystal-clear primer for practicing yoga as a means of connecting the body, mind and spirit to all living beings. The frequent references to beautiful writings from all cultures and times make this book a rich and rewarding experience. I am inspired to take my own practice deeper, and to realize through it my own Spiritual Activism, of which Andrew Harvey and Karuna Erickson have written so eloquently.

— Ali McGraw, actress, yogi

This book is a quiet but passionate revelation. It takes the yoga community to a new level of process and empowerment. It invites all spiritual seekers to an adventure of embodiment. While being extremely ambitious and elevated, the book is also very lyrical, clear and accessible. I believe that yoga is ready for the next wave and this book is it.

— Debbie Ford, author

Here is a wonderful gift to the world of today, a helpful Yoga container to develop fire in the heart, and beautiful meditations to inspire the heart’s passion for the Great Work, both inner and the outer.

— Paul H. Ray, Co-author of The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World

Karuna is delighting us with her authentic and intense inquiry into spirit. Her yoga is inspiring.

— Rodney Yee, international yoga teacher and author

Heart Yoga Endorsements:

“What great wisdom was shared, what a beautiful blend of the Divine Masculine and the Divine feminine between Andrew and Karuna.”

“The way in which Karuna and Andrew held the container as embodied divine feminine and divine masculine presence, the absolute love and tenderness between their souls, the way they blessed and praised each other with respect and gratitude, filled my heart with joy every single day. They held each other in balance and harmony so divinely that out of their very expression of love for each other a new paradigm has been born. Together they hold a frequency that has the alchemical power to heal and transform with absolute grace anyone who is blessed enough to come into the holy vessel of their conjoined sacred presence and be anointed with the transcendent love that flows through them as buddhas of compassion.”

“This was a sacred mystery school, a call to embody the bodhisattvic frequencies that the Earth so deeply needs at this time of her transformation. There is nothing that I would change about the program.”

“What Andrew and Karuna presented this week has the potential to become a fully embodied school of the divine mysteries, awakening and empowering each and every participant to the awe-inspiring, intentional expression of life consecrated and offered up as a sacred gift to Heaven and Earth.”

“I love the compassion and warmth emanating from both Karuna and Andrew. Each of them provided clear and most effective guidance.”

“What an honor to be present for such significant, passionate, and delicious teachings.”

“Yes, yes, yes! So much more than knowledge has been awakened in my being. Andrew and Karuna used real life tools to acquaint us with the Divine through our minds, bodies and soul into the depth of our hearts.”

“This has been the most rich and full, challenging and painful, joyful and growing week I have ever had at a course/study/learning situation of any kind. It has been amazing.”

“Every moment was delectable. Andrew is so intoxicating, while Karuna’s movement allowed my body to respond to all I was learning from the deepest place in my being. Body prayer was the most helpful ritual I have ever encountered.”

“With love and passion they shared their vast wisdom in a most human way for us to understand the profound teachings.”

“The value of the necessity of the Sacred Marriage in today’s world crisis and the way it was taught was incredible.”

“Loved it loved it loved it!!! Excellent faculty, awakening fusion of body, mind and soul, it invoked profound transformation.”

“Both teachers helped me understand all the emotions I was going through throughout the day, and offered wise explanation which deepened my transformation. Their loving gentleness and wisdom assisted us all.”

“As I watched Andrew and Karuna alternate their sacred wisdom practices, it was the combined genius of their teachings that offered me a living portrait of how to ground the soul without feeling overwhelmed by density. After this workshop, every cell has received renewed nourishment to burn in splendor and feel safe, loved, and accepted in its mortal coil.”

“The heart and soul inspired, uplifted, and set on blazing fire with passionate yearning to merge with the Beloved, the sweet dropping into the body of divine nectar from the sacred marriage of union, the invitation to know ourselves at all levels of truth and to release the shadow burdens, the clarion call to be a servant to humanity and the planet, these were the ignition keys offered by Andrew and Karuna to the highest octave of being that is our birthright and divine potential. In rhapsodic, swooning waves of fire and illumination, Andrew elevated, burned, melted, and dissolved us into the total bliss of union with God. In her infinite loving kindness, gentleness, and compassion, Karuna held the container for the soul drippings that soaked back into our bodies, assisting us to come into our holy ground.”

“The wild laughter, dancing, prayer, poetry, meditation, chanting, and sharing as a family of souls created a true mystery school of the awakened spirit.”